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Marketing Plan on Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (smrc)

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan on Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (smrc)

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The Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) is a community enterprise currently represents six of the local councils situated in Western Australia. The purpose of SMRC is to plan, develop, coordinate and implement sustainable waste management progressive solutions and greenhouse gas abatement programmes, measures, strategies for the reduction of greenhouse gases that delivers many environmental, social and economic benefits. It is also to influence the residents the importance of waste management and includes influencing the government in the development of regional waste management policies and legislation.

However, to enhance a sustainable waste management, besides having a Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) to deal with waste reduction on landfill, resource recovery and educating the people is also important.

SMRC has targeted 2 main market segments to meet the objectives of this marketing plan. The recommended marketing strategy for SMRC is to provide a personalized selling to vineyard owners as well as educating and root the idea of social responsibility within the children less than 15 years of age. We believe that through the introduction of personalized selling and other various marketing strategies to the vineyard owners, SMRC will be able to reach our budgeted sales revenue and also to shift the organisation's structure from being a demand driven oriented company to a customer-focused organization. Children under the age of 15 years are open minded to external influences. SMRC believe that educating them the importance of environmental awareness at this stage of their life will create a maximum impact as they will bring such positive mindset to adulthood and through their years of their life. Their influences in the family cannot be underestimated. By introducing interactive activities with family involvement on environmental education will create an explosive impact on what's instilling into their mind.

Through the implementation of these marketing strategies, SMRC will reach a new level of deeper market penetration in its region.



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