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Sports and Television - Functional and Effective Relationship

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Essay Preview: Sports and Television - Functional and Effective Relationship

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Sports and television have always had a functional and effective relationship. The multibillion dollar sports industry can exist with television broadcasting, however it would not create the high revenue without it. The use of advance technology has placed a critical role into the television and sports networks role in world wife sports. Sociologist view the is an absolute relationship between sports and media.

The Functionalist perspective approach proves that there is ingrained network between sports and television. This theoretical perspective shows that sports are an important part of many cultures heritage and tradition. Every year families, friends and even communities come together on Thanksgivings to watch NFL football on television. This perspective establishes sports and television creates a tradition and even a religion that ensures social stability.

The next perspective may not provide the same amount of stability and survivability as the first. Conflict perspective assumes that social behavior is understood in terms of conflict or tension between two or more competing groups. Television networks will ensure to broadcast the negative stories in sports to obtain rating and revenue. This same story will have the CEO or owner of a sports team hide any negative actions by his player, who is bringing millions in revenue to his team. The television network is showing the world that players are human, they make mistakes, and then they must be held accountable for their actions. The CEO is worried about revenue, vice the well-being of the victims, their families, or opinions of current worker (athletes).

Money, media, and championships are the highlights that have the attention of people as they carry out their everyday lives. Sports and television still show the Interactionist perspectives in society. The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, or ESPN has a showed called E: 60. This show uses investigated journalism that identifies the heartfelt stories that relate to American and international sports. One story shows the heartwarming story of two brothers who compete in triathlons despite one having cerebral palsy. This view show that no matter what the score is or who came in first, a family, team, or community will come together to face adversity (Rinaldi, 2011).

The media have promoted sports as a product and the athlete as entertainer. There is no doubt that sports provide much enjoyment for the participants and spectators; however, the value of sports, how that value affects our culture and what role power plays in the representation of sports by the media cannot be overlooked. The bond between sports and media will continue to grow, I just hope that it contuse to focuses more in the positive impacts to our society.



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