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Cause and Effect Relationship in Bullying

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Essay Preview: Cause and Effect Relationship in Bullying

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In the United States, there is a large issue with bullying. In every school, there is at least one form of bullying. Some of the types of bullying include cyber bullying, when someone is targeted or harassed by another person using the Internet or mobile phones and verbal bullying, when people call you names and gossip. The cause of bullying has already led the deaths of many teenagers. Bullying can push people over their limit causing a person to be depressed or even suicide.

One out of very four students has been a victim of a bully in one way or another while in grades one to twelve. Many researchers have done studies on how bullying affects peoples lives. The studies have proven that adults that were bullied as teens have a higher level of depression and a poorer self-esteem than other adults. On September 22, 2010, a Rutgers student had committed suicide. "Mr. Clementi, an 18-year-old freshmen, stepped to his death from the George Washington Bridge, prompting a national outcry over cyber bullying, prejudice and suicide among gay young people," Schweber writes in an article of the New York Times. Tyler Clementi committed suicide because he was made fun of for being gay. The cause of Tyler Clementi's death was he being bullied; the effect of him being bullied was him committing suicide. There is also another effect in this situation. Fortunately, they were able to find out who pushed Tyler Clementi as so far as to killing himself. "Eight months after he was accused of using a webcam to spy on his roommate's intimate encounter with another man, a former Rutgers University student stood in court for the first time to answer criminal charges," Schweber writes, "Mr. Ravi, 19, made a quick and wordless appearance in Superior Court..." Mr. Ravi was charged with hate crimes and invasion of privacy and could face up to 10 years in prison. This very well shows a cause and effect relationship in bullying.

Suicide is not always the immediate effect of bullying. Most of the time, continuous bullying will lead to depression, and if the bullying and depression worsens, it could eventually lead to suicide.



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