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Squirt Soft Drink - the Business Opportunity in Ireland

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Essay Preview: Squirt Soft Drink - the Business Opportunity in Ireland

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selected Squirt over other products:

Squirt is a soft drink that has done exceptionally well in the USA, Squirt has been around since 1938 and still going strong due to its refreshing taste. We thought that its refreshing sweet taste would be very popular in Ireland and since it is not available here it would be unique to consumers here and every consumer likes a new fun product.

Also a major factor in our product choice was the statistics that we researched in relation to soft drink consumption in Ireland. America consumes 216 litres of soft drinks per person per year which ranks first out of 18 countries, Ireland is second to this with 126 litres per person per year. This is obviously a major factor in our choice to bring squirt to Ireland as the soft drink market is huge with the consumption as you can see at a very high number perp person, so there is obviously a demand for products such as Squirt. We are of the belief that our product will do very well when introduced into the Irish market.

( last accssed on wed january 23rd 2013)

The business opportunity in Ireland:

We believe that by bringing Squirt into Ireland we would be entering into a market that is already very popular with a lot of ways of selling our product. Everywhere you look whether it be in college at work or even out shopping you see vending machines, this would be one of the many ways we would sell our product and be guranteed to find someone willing to buy our product for their vending machine. Also with the amount of corner shops, super markets and local grocery stores we would have very little trouble finding opportunities to sell our product. As we mentioned above the consumption per person of soft drinks in Ireland is very high and this can only be good for us in terms of selling our product and introducing it to the many soft drink consumers in this country. We can see nothing but great opportunities in this country for Squirt.

The cultural gap:

Americans consume much more soft drinks compared to europeans and that would be one of the main reasons Squirt does so well in the USA. Ireland is second to America in soft drink consumption as we mentioned above and this is a definite plus in terms of introducing our product. Advertisements in America are huge and almost everytime you watch television you are going to see an advert for a soft drink, in ireland while there is a lot of advertising it is not as frequent as america when watching tv and also Ireland are doing a lot to combat obesity so these types of adverts are at a minimum. In terms of our product there is not a huge difference between the two countries as soft drinks are hugely popular here and a new soft drink on the market would create



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