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Stages of Team Development in the Healthcare Setting

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Essay Preview: Stages of Team Development in the Healthcare Setting

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Stages of team development in the healthcare Setting

The 5 stages of team development by Tuckman are:

Stage 1: Forming

Stage 2: Storming

Stage 3: Norming

Stages 4: Performing

Stage 5: Adjourning

Forming: This stage is when a group of people come together for the first time to accomplish a shared purpose. Information is shared about their backgrounds, interests and experience. A clear goal and direction is set during this stage.

Storming: During this stage disagreements about the goal and direction occurs.  Conflicts over leadership, structure and authority may surface. This can cause strained relationships.  As the team progresses through this stage, with the guidance of a team leader they learn how to solve problems together.

Norming: When the team gets into the norming stage they have begun to form working relations with other team members and respect and value the differences. They begin to work towards the team’s goal and begin to trust each other. They experience a sense of belonging and make significant progress towards the team’s goal.

Performing: This stage is not reached by all groups, but when a team reaches this stage they perform at the highest level. Members become highly task and people oriented. There is optimal problem solving and group development. There is a possibility that a team might to revert back to the storming or forming stages if a team member starts working independently or a new member joins.

Adjourning: This is the final stage and it means that the team has completed its mission or goal. The team disbands and a planned conclusion should recognize the team members for their participation and achievement.  It is an opportunity for the team members to celebrate their success or evaluate their failure.

In the health care setting “care teams” are essential for the best outcome for the patients. We have several care teams at our clinic and not all of them are successful because of the way the group is set up or because of individual members who are not able to work in a team. The various care teams are: Concussion care team, Pediatric care team, Cancer care team and Neuro care team.

The member of the Concussion care team involve the Physicians, Nurses, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists and Speech Pathologist. The group came together (Forming) to give the best care to the patient. Because of the hierarchy that is involved in healthcare and not being able to understand the other disciplines, there was conflict in the beginning. (Storming). The group met once a month and understood that the most important goal is the best care of the patient. (Norming). They work together by cross referring if they see that a patient might require another team member’s care. E.g.: Physician refers for balance to the physical therapist (PT), the PT during the treatment session realizes that the patient has some visual and cognitive issues and discusses with the provider to refer to the Occupational Therapist and Speech therapist to treat the problem (Performing). This team works well together with goal of getting the patient the best care quickly and effectively.



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