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Stanley Yelnets of Holes by Louis Sachar

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Essay Preview: Stanley Yelnets of Holes by Louis Sachar

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Do you believe in fortune? Stanley Yelnets of Holes by Louis Sachar had to belive in fortune. Stanley believed in fortune whenever he got in to trouble. He always thought he had bad luck.

The Yelnets’ family never had luck. If things seemed to go right, they always got into trouble. Stanley went to Camp Green Lake like this too. As he was walking, he got hit by a pair of sneaker. As he held it up, he got doubted by the police. Therefore, he had to go to the Camp Green Lake. At Camp Green Lake, Stanley had to go through many troubles. He had to dig holes every day, eat disgusting food, and take a shower with very cold water. Also, he always had to be cautious of yellow backed lizards. As he gets used to these patterns, he figures out that the camp is digging to find something. He and his friend Zero looks for it, finds it, and at last, Stanley gets rid of the curse.

In this story, the theme is about trying your best. When Stanlley goes to Camp Green Lake, he had to adjust to the hard situation. He had to eat disgusting food, get along with horrible kids, and sleep on a filthy bed. When Stanley carried Zero up to the mountain to get hope for miracles, he had to climb very slant cliffs. He almost fell down while going up. He even had to carry Zero on his back until he reached the top because Zero fainted. Despite all these hard times, he never gave up. When he had to send a letter to his mom, he wrote fake things that make the camp seem great so that his mom won’t be concerned. The author tells us this theme by Stanley.

Stanley symbolizes hope. Whenever he feels lost, he hopes for something. It is his hope that keeps him to continue. Zero symbolizes friendship. When Stanley had to dig his holes but didn’t have any water, Zero helped Stanley dig his hole. Also, When Stanley ran away to find Zero, Zero gave him the last piece of peaches that he had. When Stanley almost fell down from the cliff, Zero helped Stanley come up, even though his hands were injured. Mister Sir, Stanley and Zero’s camp director represents rules. When the boys do not dig holes, Mister Sir gets very angry and doesn’t let them come back to their rooms. He is alos very strict. Stanley, Zero, and Mister Sir each represents hope, friendship, and rules.

In conclusion, Holes is a very touching book. It shows about friendship, freedom, trying your best, and so on. I think that this book is fascinating because it shows a lot of scenes when the boys cooperates and helps each other. Also, the ending is very delightful because the three evil camp directors go to jail. I think that Holes gave me a lot of changes in emotion.



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