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Stay in the Pink

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Nobody loves buying the farm, to be sure. Beautiful life is always spinning round and round while we only live once. Therefore, at any cost, people do any things to stay healthy. Some looks for it at nutritionist's, some finds sports helpful, the others give preference to spiritual matters. Personally, I'd like to vote for a dietary regime in moderation plus the regular exercise in our everyday life.

Our ancestors said "Eat like a peasant, feel like a king". In fact, in my opinion, simple foods appear to do a better job than any other costly ones do. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", a small amount of soybeans everyday may prevent the deseases of bone; all kinds of fruits and vegetables may cut our chances of getting some cancers and provide so much essential vitamins for your body, ..... so you no need to take in so much chemical tonic or scour for precious foods or follow any complex recipes proposed by nutritionist but just create yourself an electic menu including familiar foods around you that can help reduce the risk of malnutrition leading to many illness.

Besides, low fat and carbohydrate diet is also a preventive one for many deaseas namely obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart dease,..... Thus, cutting down these dishes in your meals can help a lot for your health although high calories foods and fizzy beverages such as pizzar, KFC, soft drink,... seem to be very delicious and attrattive. However, it doesn't matter if you sometimes please yourself with a hamburger or a dish of french fries, it's just for a change.



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