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Stereotypes Case

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People can be accused of many things and one of them is being stereotypical. When people walk into an airport and they see someone wearing a turban the first thing they think is that they are terrorists. Most people don't mean it in a mean way but the victim takes it that way. This paper will describe what a stereotype is and how people can be affected by it.

Most people have been stereotyped at some point in there life or have been the one who is the stereotype. A stereotype is an example or statement believed by some people -although not always necessarily true, may include some fact. There are many examples of a stereotypical person, for example; all blondes are dumb. I have seen a lot of people be stereotypical and it is done everyday.

Today I went to Las Vegas and when I am going through security I see a man with a turban. He was obviously harmless and just trying to get home but by all of the people staring at him it was noticeable that they thought something was wrong with him going on their plane. I think that after 9\11 people have had a different approach on the people wearing a turban.

People think that just because of someone's race, clothing, or physical features that they are different from everybody else but really they are exactly alike. They have the same concerns as us and they realize that people are looking at them differently than others. We should treat people alike and not compare them to others.



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