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Story About John

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Story about John.

Once upon a time there was a boy called John. He had three brothers and two sisters. He was the youngest of them all. Once upon a time, he was playing in the garden with his siblings when Sophie his oldest sister told him that if he went all the way to the top of the mountain, he would actually reach Candy land. John was so excited, so he decided to prepare his way all the way to Candy land. Without telling his parents, John made bread with butter and cheese, he made his hot chocolate, he even put his grandfather's compass into his bag, with a map of the town and also his sisters telescope. And then he went on his way. He had to pass through the big forest, go through the deep valley of rocks and then up the entire hill before reaching the top. He first arrived to the big forest. He heard a lot of strange sounds. He got afraid because he was aware the snakes and lizards were in the forest. He ran through the forest with closed eyes, hearing wolfs and snakes and bears all around him. Once he came out of the big forest, he had to go through the deep valley. he heard even more sounds, wolfs, hyenas and lions. He started to cry, but kept running, because he wanted to go to candy land. Once he reached the root of the mountain , he was so happy. He just had to walk up the entire mountain to reach Candy land. He started to walk but noticed that his shoes were starting to ruin. He took his shoes off and it hurt a little bit walking without his shoes. He saw his shirt was falling out, maybe the wolfs managed to bite the shirt. Once he was almost there to the mountain, a big wind wave blew him into the air, where he was falling and falling. Suddenly he woke up. with no socks, no pajamas with his back on the floor, sweating over the floor. When his sister Sophie came in and told him it was already breakfast, he wanted to strangle her, but he was so happy that he was back home that he just gave her a big hug.



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