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Story of Oedipus Rex

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Based on the story of Oedipus Rex, one is able to notice that sight and blindness have a great effect on the plot as well as the theme of the play. Tiresius, a blind prophet is aware of the truth but he is physically blind. On the other hand, Oedipus who has sight cannot see the true vision of his life or does not recognize the truth. Tiresius warns Oedipus that Oedipus has committed the crime of killing King Laius but Oedipus denies all allegations because he assumes the blind prophet has no knowledge of what he is speaking. He takes advantage of the fact that Tiresius is blind and so he cannot be speaking the truth. As a result he gets enraged over being accused of the murder. Although this situation happened in a play it can be applied to daily REAL LIFE situations. As the world modernizes people are becoming more and more arrogant. They are living in an illusionary world where they are separated from truth. Despite having their eyesight and they can see what is happening around in their surroundings, people are being blinded towards the truth and they turn away from thruth . They take advantage of those who are disabled and weaker than them and assume that these type of people don't have enough knowledge to strive in this world. Yet the blinded are the ones who are closer to the truth and have it in their grasp. They are able to see the truth and are not mesmerized by the worldly pleasures. Sight necessarily does not mean vision, it can be always contrary to that.



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