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Strategy Case

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Debatably the utmost significant objective of an organization is to be sustainable in its sector and area of business. Sustainable is then the ability of an organization to be able to produce value in demand to its environment over time (Andersson et al. (2008). The processes taken by an organization towards the reconciliation of its operational resources capability, alongside its market requirements; in order to attain sort of an estimated degree of alignment between them, when a company achieves alignment, customers will no longer need the levels of operations performance which the company is unable to supply. Neither does the company have operations strengths which are either inappropriate for market requirements or remains unexploited in the market. Slack & Lewis (2011). The efficiency of goal models application rest on their alignment with competitive strategy. The nature of competition alongside its competitive priorities must be assessed by companies; they need to define all necessary & sufficient level of dependence on costs information according to Augusto da Rocha de Araujo & Pacheco da Costa (2005).

According to Reyman (2005). The conception of Johnson Diversey, from Diversey Lever and Johnson Wax Professional in 2002, stringed up new challenges for the organization, one of which was, how to accomplish the synergy created due to different businesses alignment. This of course was aimed at taking the organization to the next level. The organization was fast to realize that the foundation of their sustainable growth is in the alignment of their customer service to others areas. Consequently, JohnsonDiversey intensified on their customer development, and proclaimed its strategy goal: "We will never let our customers down in product delivery, and work together to meet our customer needs." They had a cross-functional synergy optimization and identification process was deployed, which intensified on their working capital. They were also able to cash flow needs, by aligning their inventories in line with their customer service, through the cut down of inventories (which was enormous and unnecessary) without endangering the customer service.

Sustainable alignment is said to be an ultimate goal of operation strategy because alignment itself ways towards the same characteristic of operation strategy. According to Fawcett & Magnan (2001), alignment just like in the case of operation strategy arises with the conception of a common vision for an organization. Andersson et al. (2008) in their paper argued further that for an organization to be sustainably aligned; its operational processes will have or need to conform to the set or targeted strategic goals of the organization. An incompatibility may happen as a result of e.g., environment changes, and non-alignments cases which need to be discovered, analyzed, and corrected. According to Slack & Lewis (2011), sustainable alignment plays an important role



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