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Assessment Information (Terms 2 & 3, 2010-2011)

Please note that all assessments must use a relevant assignment cover sheet (which can be downloaded from Blackboard) and must be handed in on or before the submission deadline.

The following grading scale serves to provide a holistic indication for student performance:

Division Performance expectation Percentage grading

1* Exceptional performance in category 80% or more

1 Excellent performance in category 70-79%

2(i) Good performance in category 60-69%

2(ii) Satisfactory performance in category 50-59%

3 Adequate performance in category 40-49%

(Fail) Poor or no evidence of performance in category Less than 40%

1. Project Proposal (10%)

Due by 5:00 pm, Friday of Week 5, Term 2. Hand in the project proposal directly to your supervisor. Please note that the commented project proposal must be retained by students to be appended as attachment 3 to the final project report.

The project proposal organizes your preliminary thoughts about a project title and your approach for the research. You may develop further the assignment you did in term 1 for 209KM Research Methods to come up with a proposal for your project. However, you must discuss with your supervisor for suitability and practicality of the topic beforehand. Alternatively, you may start a new title afresh. Again, you need to discuss with your supervisor first as to what you want to do. Hence it is necessary that you meet with your supervisor as soon as the term starts to explore the feasibility of your thoughts. No matter which option you take, you must bear in mind that the scope of the project must be suitable for a 30 credit-unit module requiring 300 hours of student work over two terms.

It is important to note that the grade you got for your 209KM assignment is independent of your supervisor's view about the suitability of the topic for your project. The expectations of the two modules are different. The focus of the project module is on your ability to demonstrate understanding of what you will do and the researchability of the topic. You will find that substantial modification is necessary to bring your 209KM assignment up to the requirements for the project module. Specifically, the review criteria are:

* Understanding of the aims of the project

* Understanding of theories, concepts, issues and methodology appropriate for the project

* Evidence of independent, critical thought and wide ranging



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