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Info from Campus Card office - Carleton University

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Essay Preview: Info from Campus Card office - Carleton University

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Info from Campus Card Office

Carleton University uses three systems by different companies that interconnect the student campus card facilities together. CS Gold is the central enterprise architecture system used to provide a connection within the campus card. CS Gold is a powerful, modular campus ID card system that integrates seemingly disparate auxiliary services with ease provided by CBORD. CS Gold's layered software architecture; flexible interface capabilities, comprehensive reporting, and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) place it securely atop the most robust ID card software systems available today. CS Gold's comprehensive range of functionality includes access, action and response management, meal plans, entitlement, stored value and credit, card link, and web functionality. The CBORD Group was founded in 1975, known as the world's leading provider of campus and cashes card systems, food and nutrition service management software, nationwide student discount and off-campus commerce programs, housing and judicial process management software, and integrated security solutions. Carleton University uses a process automation system from Banner which is internally connected to CBORD. Banner Engineering is a worldwide leader in process automation and industrial automation. As the two systems partner together, the CS Gold picks up any information from banner and vice versa.

Student Demographic Information ONLY: The functionality works as the following: Banner sees if any new information is needed to be processed. If it does, then it dumps the information into a table and CS Gold picks up that information after every 3 minutes and attaches new information onto it. This id is associated with the barcode of student information.

LIBRARY: A random barcode is generated in banner for every student card. Every night any new information is sent to a table that the library processes and is updated through CS Gold.

FINANCIAL (Putting money in campus card)- When a student enters money into their student card, the information is entered into an Oracle Process and application. Gold picks up that information after every 3 minutes adds that information onto a campus card.

ONLINE TRANSACTIONS: EXACT is a company which assists Carleton University with their own software for online transactions. Exact online links companies and their accountants via a secured internet environment. (SaaS). This is the process of how the online transaction process works: A student puts money or pays for something through their Central Carleton account. This information is verified through Payment ECH (A company that offers a product which is a source for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interact Direct Payment processing)



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