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Substance Abuse and Weapons

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Essay Preview: Substance Abuse and Weapons

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Substance Abuse and Weapons

Here at Juice Palate we have firm Standards in regards to substance abuse and weapons. Employees are not allowed to consume or posses alcoholic beverages on company property.

You are also no allowed to consume or posses any illegal drugs or controlled substances on Juice Palette property or while you are working on the job. Employees are not permitted to show up to work under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or any illegal drugs.

Employees are prohibited from posing any weapons while on in a Juice Palate store or on company property. Juice Palate takes its workplace/employees health and safety very seriously. It's critical that all employees understand follow them or face situational based repercussions.

Securities (Privacy Act of 1974)

Juice Pallet is a prime advocate of the Privacy Act of 1974. This act protects records about an individual that can obtained by personal identifiers such as name, Social Security Number , or other identifying numbers or symbols. As an employee you are entitled to access these records and to request corrections of these records of applicable .( pbgc)

The Privacy act  also prohibits disclosure of these records without the written consent of the individuals to whom the records address  unless one of the twelve disclosure exceptions enumerated in the Act applies. These records are held in Privacy Act systems of records. A notice of any such system is published in the Federal Register. These notices identify the legal authority for collecting and storing the records, individuals about whom records will be collected. (pbgc)

As an employee of Juice Palate you may be notified or informed of  important confidential information about the company. Employees are trusted with maintaining the confidentiality of any form of  important information.

Company information should only be used for business purposes and should not be shared or disclosed to any anyone outside of Juice Palate. Even in the company, only those individuals who need to be informed about  information to conduct business should have access to said confidential information . If you are terminated or leave Juice Palate you must return all company property and materials along with any copies.

All sensitive or confidential information and materials should be clearly marked off as confidential, not be discussed where others may hear and be stored in a secure place.

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