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Lupe Fiasco - Little Weapon

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Essay Preview: Lupe Fiasco - Little Weapon

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Lupe Fiasco- Little weapon

"Little Alex got a gun he took from his dad, That he snuck into school in his black book bag, His black nail polish, black boots and black hair, He's gonna blow away the bully that just pushed his ass...." (Lupe Fiasco) Rarely in this time period will rappers speak about the "realness" in the world, now it's all about whether or not one has money and how can much of it be wasted in what amount of time and on what material things. Lupe Fiasco in more than one way has established himself as not caring so much about the money, clothes and, women, but the world we live in and the children in it instead. This particular song, "Little Weapon" plays on many aspects but mostly on description, subliminal messages, and (the trials that children encounter due to what they are taught)

Vivid scenes and description play in my head as I hear the lyrics being spoken and even reading the lyrics, paints a clear picture of each word being mentioned. Lupe Fiasco makes it so not only does his audible audience think about what he is saying but envisions it as well. There is no doubt that while writing his verses he, unlike other rappers, felt and believed in what he was saying. It almost seems as if he felt like the more descriptive he was, the more people would understand the message or messages he was attempting to get across. "Now here comes the march of the boy brigade A macabre Parade of the toys he made and in Shimmer shades who looks half his age About half the size of the flags they waved and Camouflage suits that made to fit youths 'cause the ones of the dead soldiers hang a little loose" Lupe fiasco does not just merely mention what the characters in his song are wearing but he describes them vibrantly. Instead of just saying sun glasses or shades, he goes as far to say "shimmer shades." Even further he goes to designate a type of dress wear "camouflage" for youths, opposing to those for adults and he even described those by saying they "hang a little loose."

"They struggle little recruits. Cute, Smile-less, Heartless, violent. Childhood destroyed, devoid of all childish ways, Can't write their own names or read the words on their own graves." (Nick Prete-Lupe Fiasco,, 2011) What Lupe Fiasco is attempting to get across in our minds is that many of the children that commit crimes nowadays only do so due to what they are being taught. He is stating that there are other people in charge of "recruiting" children and that they do so through television and video games. They seek out the children who are an easy target to do what they are too afraid to do themselves. The above goes along with another point that Lupe Fiasco gives an effort to get across. In the above lyrics he is not saying that these things are done incautiously because in actuality they



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