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Success Is Achieving a Goal

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Essay Preview: Success Is Achieving a Goal

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Success, a very simple word, which people often have trouble defining. For me, success is achieving a goal that you have had without giving up. This could range from weight loss, to very good grades in school. For me, this was overcoming my fear of roller coasters.

Every summer my friends always ask me if I want to join them on a trip to six flags, and I always say no due to the fact they give me nightmares. So when my friends came up to me this summer, and yet again asked me if I wanted to go to six flags, I thought for a bit and decided it was time to conquer my fear. So we planned for a day when everyone was free, and that day eventually came. When it came, I was very cautious on what I was eating, just to make sure I didn’t throw up on the roller coaster. So that morning I had 2 pancakes with some water, filling but simple. After breakfast, my friends and I set off to six flags. After about an hour and a half of driving we finally arrived. We found a parking spot and started walking towards the amusement park. As we got closer and closer, the roller coasters started to look more like skyscrapers towering over our heads. We then made it to the entrance, after buying our tickets and going through security and going through all that good stuff, we were finally in. In my head I was ready to do this, ready to finally ride a coaster, ready to conquer my fear. We started walking towards goliath and got in line, we got lucky because it was early in the day so the line was pretty short. In line I started getting the butterflies and some second thoughts, but my friends kept pushing me forward. After about 20 minutes it was our turn to get on, so we sat down and got buckled up. The employees came around and double checked everyone's seat belts to make sure they were secure (more like tapped the safety harness and went on), soon after we were off and making the huge climb to the top of the roller coaster. This is where I realized I made a huge mistake and never should’ve came here, because when we got to the top I swear I could see my house. But I couldn’t look to long because we only sat at the top for about a second, and before I knew it we dropped and I’m going a 100 mph straight towards the grass. At first I was screaming my head off in fear, but after we took a couple turns my wide open mouth turned into a smile. I realized this was the most fun I had in a while and actually put my hands in the air. That’s when I felt it, the sweet feeling of success. I had finally gone on a roller coaster and conquered my fear, and it felt great.

This changed my view of success because I had never really experienced it, so I thought it was nothing special. But when you succeed, you know you have, you get this feeling of extreme happiness just flood your body. And it might just be the best feeling ever.

In conclusion, success does have a definition, but everyone has their own version of it. Which may be why people have trouble



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