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Key Indicators to Achieve Success

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Essay Preview: Key Indicators to Achieve Success

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Key Indictors

In order to achieve success we must determine what success is to us as a Community College. Establishing indicators will help in knowing and determining that whether we are on the right track for success. Indictors will help in measuring the quality of success based on how we choose to define it. To achieve better success in learning, we will need to development better faculty, students and learning environment. By taking responsibility for student learning we will be able to establish clear learning goals (Newman, Couturier, Scurry, 2004, p.135) and maximize the resources within our institution for the benefit of all those within our community.

Faculty Indictors

Establishing faculty indictors will ensure that that each faculty members know, understand and commits to the overall goals (Newman, Couturier, Scurry, 2004, p.139). It will help in ensuring that students are learning what society needs them and what is expected of the faculty who teaches them. The collection of objective evaluation data on college courses (Grigal, Hart, & Weir, 2011, p. 2) thru surveys and evaluations from students and peers during and after each term has ended, will help in assessing what is being taught to students. Determining the number of students who find employment, within their selected majors, within a year of graduating and/or completing a program of study will allow us to access if students are learning what employers are looking for. We will also assess whether those who have graduated within the last five years and whether they work in their selected major or completed their entire degree, i.e. bachelors. These indicators will allow us to see if students are developing and learning some of the skills needed for career employment.

Student Indictors

Student indicators will allow for us to assess the type of student we have enrolled in classes and adjust the resources to them accordingly. We will stick with the many indictors we have now such as race, gender and education upon enrollment. We will also asses the number of graduates we have for specific programs and the time it takes them to graduate (Lyons, Sr, 2010, p.3); this will allow us to allocate more resources to those programs that are popular and reevaluate those that are not. Another indicator will be "the percentages of developmental and college-ready students attending college for the first time who return the following fall" (Lyons, Sr, 2010, p.3). This indicator will help in identifying which students may need more help upon admission and help ensure that these students succeed also.

Environment Indictors

Environment indicators will allow for us to know what resources are being used and where more resources need to be focused towards. An indicator of the "amount of operating expenses that



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