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Sudan’s Water Dilemma

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Essay Preview: Sudan’s Water Dilemma

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Sudan Report

There are many hardships that people go through everyday for something as simple as water. An example of this is that the average family is 45 minutes walk away from a sizable water source, imagine having to walk so far for such a simple need. A measly 2% of their sad amount of water can be used for cleaning purposes. On top of this, due to lack of nearby water, 80% of citizens don’t have access to a toilet or latrine.

South Sudan is not if barely reacting to the water shortages. If anything, I predict the leaders of Sudan are hoarding water so the normal citizens have no support, except for the occasional U.N or outside charity support. Due to no action from the higher-ups, Sudan suffers the wrath of no water.

Now, here in Canada, we have a very advanced water treatment system in a plant which is where all our toilet, sink, shower, washer, and any other water we deem “dirt/used”. Here, they get sucked through many different cleaning processes which clean the water of most contaminants and bacteria. After this water is processed, it is then moved all the way back to our sinks, showers, and etc for our water we use so readily. Now that I’ve covered Canada’s water treatment, we move on to South Sudan. In Sudan, there is no water treatment whatsoever, unless you count boiling. Already, you can see that many bacteria, infections, and all types of sicknesses are in this water that they got from a faraway terribly bad water source. Let’s say one person catches a disease. Since everyone is so close together, and sanitation is a major problem, its obvious that infections spread like wildfire, infecting everyone.

An organization that is helping Sudan’s water dilemma is waterforsouthsudan. This organization is a non-profit corporation founded in 2003 to help Sudan. They get funding from many sources, mostly donations from those who want to help. This group goes to Sudan to drill wells all over the rural areas hoping to save many people from tainted water, and death by thirst. So far, this organization has successfully drilled 217 safe, clean water wells for the citizens of Sudan.

Us everyday people, and kids can help Sudan indirectly to help in the long run. First thing that we could do is donate directly to nonprofit causes like water for south sudan. The main and recommended thing that we do is get some recognition for Sudan. We can raise awareness for the problems in South Sudan, and hope that people listen, and or find out more and help support the world's newest country by making pledges to show moral support.

A boy named Puack, a 4 year old boy is living in a UN refugee camp with HIV aids. He is cared for by his stepmother, his mother died. His stepmother says he is struggling due to low rations, medical care, and and hygienic care. Also, when it rains, he can easily catch the flu, the cold, and



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