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Summary Case

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In accordance with Maslow's hierarchy of needs people always have different needs, which can be combined into groups that are in a hierarchical relation to each other. Maslow identified five such groups, and placed them in the form of a pyramid.

The higher the position occupied by the needs in the hierarchy, the fewer people for which they become the real motivators of behavior.

Unmet needs, according to Maslow, encourage people to take action. The needs that are closer to the bottom of the pyramid required to meet priority, and only after it will be largely achieved, begins to act the next level of needs, which can meet the more diverse ways.

The first level of needs Maslow made as physiological (food, housing, recreation). The satisfaction of them provides human basic survival and requires minimum wage and tolerable working conditions.

The second level has been ranked as the need for safety and confidence in the future. Salaries should exceed the minimum level (which allows you to purchase an insurance policy, to make contributions to the pension fund), and work in the secure organization that provides employees certain social guarantees.

On the third level Maslow placed the need for social support from others, recognition of the merits of a person belonging to a particular community. To meet these needs it is necessary to work in group, team work, attention from the head, the respect of his comrades.

The fourth level is about self-affirmation. It is met by acquiring competence, gaining credibility, leadership, popularity, receiving public recognition. Office of the holders of this need facilitates assigning them titles, ranks, awards and so on.

Finally, on the fifth stage of the hierarchy of needs Maslow placed self-expression and realization of their potential. To meet these needs people should have maximum freedom of creativity, choice of means and methods to solve its tasks. Human beings are developing and their potential opportunities expand every day, so the need for self-expression can never be fully satisfied.



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