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Super-Boy Case

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There was a boy that was adopted by a parents from Kansas. The boy name was Joe. But he did not know that his dad was the greatest superhero ever, his dad was Superman. When Superman died he did know that his ex-lover was pregnant with his child-er. So the mother gave the boy up for adopted because she can not deal with what his destiny that his set out for him. So the boy was able to live a normal life until his freshman year in high school, when his parents tell him that he not a normal boy that his dad was from another plant but lived on earth. The boy had all the powers that his dad has had. He learned much about his origins from Dr., Swann's journal and an artificial intelligence version of Jor-El the father of Superman. When superman died everyone knew that there was not that a lot of heroes anymore. So crime was really was not good with superman died. So now since his son know what his destiny was going to be, he looked after the city in red and blue. everyone did not know who the hero was or where he came from. Everyone called him Superboy after his father superman. but no one knew that he was superman son.

Super-boy fought against crime leaders. With superman dead there was still evil out there. While superboy was reading everything he want to know about his dad, the last thing that his day wrote was that there is still a dark evil out there and i have been looking for it and it killed me. So super-boy looked for years for the dark side but could not find it. He work where his dad worked so he can be there when crime happens. One

day when he was going home a car was speeding and the car hit him and the car fell into water, so Joe jumped in and saved him. The guy that was riding the car was named Eric. After reading the journal, he found out more about the dark side. The dark side feed on the souls of the people that need a hero. The red and blue suit was a gifted from his father Clark after years of looking for dark side, he found what person dark side has taken over. Since he found out who the dark side has taken over, he became the hero that his father want him to become, so he was abler to get the dark side out of him and destroyed the dark side forever. Super-boy became a epic hero.

Eric was my friend and he always want to know how did you save me in the lake. Ever since the accident Eric has been looking in to Joe to see what he is man or super-boy. when Joe is always goes to save someone while he sometimes talking to Eric he flash a way and Eric all way wonders where he went. Eric wants to know what he is. That Hero's are here so that we have someone to pretreated the people of the world. The one weakness is the same one that his father was meteor rocks. The enemy wanted to take over him so if he had his power he can take over the world. The dark side becomes gone and it will never come back. Super-boy became the hero that his father was destiny for him.

I believe



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