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Survey Paper - Address the Problems to the Employees

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Essay Preview: Survey Paper - Address the Problems to the Employees

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Layoffs in business are increasing with economic issues that are arising. This causes problems not only for businesses but also citizens to support their family. This is affecting the way that families and businesses are operating. Downsizing or lying off employees is part of the business that is not enjoyable but necessary for the business to remain successful (SBA- U.S. Small Business Administration).

This survey will address the problems to the employees by answering the questions of how the employees are going to get income while they are being laid off. It will also help to show that the employees that are getting laid off are randomly picked and are not based on their job performance. This survey will address the issues that the business is having and help the employees to understand that this is not an action that the employers wanted to take but is necessary to continue operating the business. With employees being laid off in the organization will have the opportunity to find other jobs that will give them experience in other fields of work. Once the questions from the employees are answered there is a better understanding that the option for recalling the employees back may be an option that the employees can take there will be less negative feelings between the employees and the employers or the organization.

These questions are appropriate for addressing the layoffs and to continue researching for this business because it will help the organization to be able to explain the options to the employees better. It will also help to find the areas that the organization needs to improve by downsizing the employees in the organization and concentrate on the bigger issues at hand. Keeping in mind the organization is the main focus of the layoffs and that there may be a need to re-hire some of these employees back once the business picks back up within the organization. Researching the economy issues and how this affects the businesses in the community will help the organization to address these issues so that their organization does not run into problems within the economy. Financial issues is raising in not only families but in the businesses that employee these members of the community. These questions will address the issues that arise from these employees that are no longer going to have a job and how to handle their family situations. Bringing in the Workers Adjustment Retraining Notification Act will help the employees to be trained for other jobs that are continuing to grow and teach them a new skill.

The level of measurement used in this type of survey would be ratio because there are a good probable chance that 1: X amount of employees will find another job using the WARN Act to help retrain them for a job that would be suitable to them and gain the income that they are losing by being laid off of the organization that they are currently working at. By retraining the employees for a different job will help to save the organization money because of lack of having to pay unemployment or other benefits to the employee that has another job. Not only by benefiting the organization the retraining will also benefit the employee



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