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Sw 205 - Social Work Interview

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Essay Preview: Sw 205 - Social Work Interview

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Interview with a Social Worker

Christina Cherry


September 10, 2017

        I conducted my Social worker interview with Sherri from the Texas Veterans home, she is an LBSW and currently the only social worker at the VA home. She works with the aging and disabled population, she has been working in the same field for the past 20 years.  Her main focus is to make sure the all the residences are taken care of, the family concerns (grievances) are addressed, doing MSD reports and ensure that care plans are made for the residences.  

 “I am a social worker by profession, this is my passion and the only career I have ever known.” Said Sherri. She stated that she knew this is what see wanted to do with her life since a very young age.  When she was a child she remembers her grandfather being placed in a nursing home and the social worker making sure her grandfather was always in good shape and if anything happened the social worker called the family to inform them what was going. Sherri stated, “I wanted to be there for other families like my grandfather’s social worker was there for my family.”

Sherri, currently has her BSW and is a LBSW (Licensed BSW).  She said that she does not plan on going back to school for her MSW because she is “too old”, she is wanting to just enjoy life and not have the added stress of school, and family.  “Just recently my daughter and my two grandchildren moved back home and there is no time for extra work in my day for right now.” She said. She went on to stay that once her daughter and grandchildren are out and on their own she plans on relaxing and traveling with her free time. The stress of school is not something she is wanting to take on.

“Every day when I come into work I use the 6 core values of social work, from the start of my day to the end of my day.” Stated Sherri.  The first thing she does every morning is going around to every hall in the VA home to check for any grievances, then she does her “Angel Rounds” this is when she goes to her residences rooms to make sure that the CNA’s and RN’s have done their morning duties with the residences.  This consist of the CAN’s making sure the residence’s teeth are brushed, hair is combed, fingers nails and toe nails are clipped, they are showed and clean (services). She makes sure that each of her residences are treated with same respect and those in the traditional halls. She treats them with the upmost respects and treats the residents in the memory support unit as if they are high functioning individuals (social justice). While helping a resident that wanted to start a bible study activity at the VA home she listened to the resident and took everything he was saying to her into consideration. However, this was not something that she could help him with and directed him to the activities manager. While he was speaking to her about this idea he also wanted to convert her and have me witness the conversion of religions (Dignity and Worth of the Person). Sherri makes sure that all family members are completely informer about what is going on with their loved ones. When there are concerns about the resident she sets up a meeting with all those involved called a Care plan (Importance of Human Relationships). She always works towards bettering the herself by staying current with all the updates and she must renew her license every couple of years (competence). She uses all her knowledge to continue to promote the mission, values and standards of a social work in the VA home (Integrity). “There is not a part of my day that I do not have to use each of these values in my career, and I have been doing it for so long that it has become second nature.” Sherri said.

With every resident, we must use the 7 core functions, there is not just one specific time during the day that I use all 7 core functions. They go on throughout the day, she may plan a meeting with the resident letting them know what is going to happen, then I will assess them and give them the plan that staff thinks is best for them. After the assessment and planning the staff will let the resident know how we are going to make this plan happen. We monitor all residence daily making sure their plan is being followed. She has an open-door policy so if there is any doubt, questions or concerns they can go to her directly for help. Once the resident is discharged, she will follow up with them twice to make sure the after care plan is being followed, letting the client and family know this will be the last follow up and if anything changes to give her a call.



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