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Switoes Marketing Mix

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SWITOES Marketing Mix

  • Product:  Our products are made from raw purple sweet potato, with the process steamed first and then crushed and mixed with flour, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Then the dough is stirred together. After that it is formed into balls. We make the processed products from purple sweet potatoes as attractive as possible, without reducing the content of nutrients contained in them. Purple sweet potato contain lots of essential nutrients for health, the ingredients included in purple sweet potatoes are: vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene, magnesium, and much more, so that these foods can be consumed by all people, from children to elderly people.

Switoes has several flavors: chocolate, cheese and brown sugar.

  • Price: : The price of our products is very affordable and of course the best quality. The price we offer is Rp. 12,0000 /skewer (in 1 skewer there are 3 purple sweet potato balls)
  • Place:  Our products are produced at the owner's own home, and the distribution channels used to distribute our products is the direct distribution. Products are distributed from producers to consumers directly without an intermediary.
  • Promotion: - Word of mouth: This promotion is the simplest promotion, and does not require a lot of money to carry out this promotion. Simply by telling our friends or family to promote our business, so that indirectly all consumers / communities will know our business. And if our business is known and liked, then the consumer will tell others to buy our purple sweet potato balls.

- Through social media: In addition to word of mouth promotion, promotion can also be done using social media, such as via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WA, etc.



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