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Swot Analysis of Apple

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Essay Preview: Swot Analysis of Apple

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* Strong products such as Iphone, Ipod, Ipad and Macs.

* Very strong customer base. Very strong devoted customer followers.

* Strong financial position. Stocks currently selling for $320.

* 4th largest mobile handset supplier globally (Phone

* Strong designs and quality


* High prices compared to competitors.

* Operating system with limited software support which pushes customers to other competitors.

* Limited hardware upgradability for Apple notebooks.


* Reduce prices to increase market share

* Allow easy hardware and software compatibility with Pc.

* With such strong customer base, Apple can easily venture into other avenues.

* With advancement in technology Apple will be able invent new products and create new market segment.


* Strong competitions from rivals such as Dell, Microsoft, HP, IBM and others.

* Strong competitions in the phone business from Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and others.

* Health of steve Jobs.

* Microsoft windows 7 increasing windows market share.

* Increasing internet privacy will reduce income from ITunes business.

Based on my SWOT analysis of Apple, I'll be investing in the company based on the Strengths and opportunities aspects of the analysis.

As stated in the SWOT analysis, the company is very stable, has a health market share and pushes out products of very high quality.

The company has a very strong customer base, a group of devoted loyal followers who will basically anything with the Apple name on it. Strong devoted loyal customers are essential to longevity of any business. It also makes it easier for the company to introduce new products and venture into other businesses. Even though the stock price is high right now, the SWOT analysis indicates that it can be sustained and even move in the positive direction.

Identify the company's internal and external stakeholders.



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