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Synergistic Decision Making

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Essay Preview: Synergistic Decision Making

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  • Synergistic Decision Making- groups outperform individual resources
  • Different opinions, expertise, engage in effective communication
  • Listening to others, supporting
  • Org Structure
  • Division of tasks and responsibilities
  • Integration of activities
  • Information flow
  • Divisional Structure
  • Full accountability/better control
  • Functional redundancy/difficult coordination
  • 7-S Model
  • Shared Values- guiding concepts, fundamental ideas
  • MBTI- Meyers Briggs
  • Suggests preferred thinking styles
  • Types of tasks you may enjoy
  • How you may interact w others
  • Extravert, sensing, feeling, and judging
  • Rewards and Objectives
  • Extrinsic (reward based, high costs of maintenance) vs Intrinsic (individualistic, hard to control and measure)
  • Reward Follies
  • High-Performing Organizations- set performance standard, competitive advantage, strong culture, engaged and productive employees
  • Kimberly-Clark example
  • Learning Tactics Inventory- Action, thinking, feeling, and accessing others (I consider feelings, learn by doing, need to access others more)
  • Learning preferences, how does it affect your job, how to avoid these? Which are you most susceptible?
  • Organizational Culture (IDEO case)
  • Artifacts (observable), espoused values (people can describe), assumption (tacit understandings, feelings, behavior)
  • Matt Leeds coaching experience- similar to this paper, action plan to recover (defensive reasoning, cognitive process, ladder of inference, move from defensive to productive)
  • Managinge your Boss- understanding their goals, pressures, expectations, strengths/weaknesses
  • Leadership- sources of power (legitimate, reward, coercive, expert, and referent)
  • Level 5 Leadership
  • Modesty, inspired standards to motivate, will settle for nothing less, creates results
  • Kouzes & Posner Model
  • Model the Way, Inspire a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable others to act, Encourage the heart
  • Leadership resides in action, have faith in others' ability to grow and learn, leadership is made
  • Johnsonville Sausage- empowering others
  • Kimberly-Clark case- "I never stopped trying to become qualified"- Darwin Smith- CEO
  • Emotional Intelligence- self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation (intra-personal), empathy, social skill (inter-personal)
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc example- Greg James
  • WSJ articles- women in power, expertise- leads to great impact at Morgan Stanley
  • Parker-Gibson Negotiation and Easy's garage examples
  • Plan your strategy, be modest
  • Resilience
  • BB&O Railroad
  • Courtney Wilson- crisis as moment of truth, test of leadership, test of organizational system
  • Stare down reality, endure and survive hardship
  • Search for meaning- build bridges for the future
  • Use sources in new ways
  • Determines who succeeds and who fails



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