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Synopsis - Ready to Eat

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1) Abstract -

With dramatic changes taking place in our lifestyles and as the pace of day to day life increases, consumers are finding it progressively difficult to cope with the basic activity of preparing and consuming fresh, hot, healthy and tasty food. The aim of the Ready-To-Eat (RTE) segment is to target exactly this gap.

2) Introduction -

The dictionary definition of Ready-To-Eat Products (RTE) is "Food products that are prepared in advance & can be eaten as sold". This footprint is our basis to start this study but we are not going to rigidly follow this definition considering the fact that "There are many ways to look at things".

3) Statement of the Problem-

Assess the emergence and adoption of ready-to-eat products within the processed foods category, by both channel partners and consumers. Develop a profile of the RTE user and his/her buying and usage behavior. What are the lessons learnt that can be used by, both existing and potential entrants, to succeed in the market place.

4) Time Scope of the study - Two months.

5) Objective of the study -

* Understanding the evolution of the concept of RTE.

* Understanding RTE Consumer orientation - using Black box approach.

* Understanding RTE Product offerings - existing & potential products in terms of taste, convenience, nutritional value, health & hygiene.

* Understanding the Technology behind RTE.

* Understanding RTE current Market orientation - impact of controllable & uncontrollable factors using SWOT analysis.

* Tracking existing brands & their marketing strategy.

* Developing a RTE Marketing Mix.

* Implementation of RTE Marketing Strategy.

6) Research Methodology -

* Focus of Research - We are focusing on Indian market excluding export business.

* Data Collection Method -

1) Primary Data of existing & potential customers - will be collected through Questionnaire & Personal interview using sampling based on demography, gender, age, religion, occupation, preferences, financial & social status.

2) Primary Data of product & market - will be collected through Personal interview of channel partners (i.e. retailers).

3) Secondary Data of Customer, product



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