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Target Case Study

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In conversation with Jack Welch who is a former CEO of GE company and also a founder of Jack Welch Management Institute. A man who always had a passion and his spectacular Leadership made him what he is today. Jack has spoken on leadership twice prior to this conversation and also served as guest lecturer in year 2006, 2007 during his time living in Boston and his impact fell through his written ideas and his impact also fell on many leaders and CEO's of different companies. For Jack leadership and management are a discipline and passion.

This conversation will help MBA students enhancing their skill knowledge and how to deal with difficult situations especially when companies go down or dipping at their performance level. Some of the wonderful points which was discussed with Jack which I like is he spoke about everyone aims for getting No# 1 position and there are always risks and benefits to hold this position as there is always someone aiming for that No# 1 position it means that when we are at No# 1 position you can't relax thinking that you will always hold that position because there is always a competition and someone is aiming and working hard to reach that position. So we have to always make sure that our employees come to work every day and they are motivated which will help us in holding this position and mission. Organization is all about bringing fun at work and not being bored. You should always excite people and show them their career path. It is always about win win situation. Other companies kill us by competition and better product. He also discussed about short journey and long journey should always be balanced as every company go through crises. Vision should be in all the employees and we should always make them understand Wiifm (what's in it for me); build a right team, great players. Getting a right team is always challenging and your role as a manager is to show them their career path, goal, motivate them and tell them how they will get there. I like to point where Jack mentioned about differentiation. He said there are always three categories best; Middle and worst or we can also call it as Top, Average and Bottom Performers. He said it's never taken seriously when we are in school or college but it matters when we work for a company as performance grades an employee. I also like his idea when he said there is no job security if you are a bottom performer as performance matters to keep you intact. There is always a chance of burning out when an employee is doing a routine work it becomes monotonous and in order to kill this burnout we should always have fun at work, excitement in our jobs for coming to work every day. I like his whole idea of transferring knowledge from level of CEO and manager to all the employees, so that can help them to reach their levels in the career path.MBA is not only reading and writing its all about how we use it to grow our self and the company success, over delivery



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