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Tariff and Non Tariff - Total Quality Pioneers Paper

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Essay Preview: Tariff and Non Tariff - Total Quality Pioneers Paper

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Total Quality Pioneers Paper

Quality is how a business is measure, for customers, and stakeholders. For example in manufacturing, it means free of defects and significant variations, for restaurants it is the amount of time a waiter takes to obtain your order and how rapidly this one is deliver. Quality is the perception of the value of the supplier's work output it is what it makes a business successful.

For any business to run properly should follow this steps or elements : Concentrate on quality and anticipation of problems this will encourage employees to focus on the quality of products they are building to prevent any future problems. Collaborate with contractors and customers this is very important because organizations should treat their vendors as partners, they should work hand to hand to distribute a quality product where both partners will have a win-win situation. Improve and exclude uneconomical steps, from beginning to end the quality on products should be the number one priority, employees also should be motivated by their employers doing it will keep employees happy and consequently able to produce better results either building a product or offering good customer service.

The elements of quality are important in today's business world because it allows companies to measure their production, if they received an x number of orders per year and the following year it has decreased it can mean that either the manufacture of the product is not manufacturing to customers' expectations or maybe the customer service provided by the employees are not to high standards. The quality control on a product can make a big difference because they can prevent if something is being built defective, they evaluate the reasons certain product is going out defective and stop the manufacturing until they discover what may be the problem.

Every company is obsessed with being the best, to accomplish the task companies should implement management innovations, work together as teamwork, continual process of expansion, and provide educational training.

What the future holds in business is not certain; the economic crisis in the world keeps arising and reducing production for many businesses. The only option is to commit with customers in offering the best and be as competitive as it could be.



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