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Taxpayers' Compliance Guide

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Essay Preview: Taxpayers' Compliance Guide

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A. registration-Section 236 of NIRC

1. Employees-within ten(10) days from date of employment (BIR Form 1902)

2. Business-before commencement of the business and payment of any tax due

*Form 1901-Individual (Self-employed) *Form 1902-individuals Earning Purely Compensation Income

*Form 1903-Corporation/Partnership *Form 1904-For One Time Transactions

Note: a person maintaining a head office, branch or facility shall register with the Revenue District Office (RDO) having jurisdiction over the head office, branch or facility. For purposes of this section, the term "facility" may include but not limited to sales outlets, places of production, warehouses or storage places. (RR 11-2008)

Annual Registration Fee-P 500.00 for every separate or distinct establishment or place of business, including facility types where sales transactions occur to be paid upon registration for new registrant and on or before January 31 every year for old registrant using BIR Form 0605.

Original Copies of BIR Certificate of Registration and Annual Registration Fee (BIR Form 0605) must be displayed at a conspicuous place at the taxpayers' place of business.

B. Books of Accounts-Section 232 of NIRC (RMC 82-2008)

1. Newly registered taxpayers-shall present the Manual Books of Accounts before use to the RDO where the place of business is located for registration.

2. Existing Business-Manual books of accounts previously registered but whose pages are not yet fully exhausted can still be used in the succeeding years without need of re-registering. The registration of the new set shall only be at the time when the pages of the previously registered books have all been exhausted.

* Books of Accounts & other accounting records must be kept at the place of business and up to date recording of business transactions must be maintained.

* Deadline for registration of computerized books of accounts is Jan. 30 of the following year (RMO 29-2002) while the loose-leaf bound books of accounts is on the 15th day after the end of the calendar year (RMC 13-82)

C. Issuance of Official Receipts, Sales Invoices and Commercial Invoices-Section 237 of NIRC

All persons subject to internal revenue taxes shall for each sale or transfer of merchandise or for services rendered issue duly registered receipts or sales or commercial invoices. Use of cash register/POS machines whether for issuance of receipts or safekeeping must be authorized by the RDO where the business is located. Original copy of permit must be posted on cash the register/POS machine. (RR No. 10-99) (RR 11-2004/RMO 10-2005)

Revenue Regulation No. 4-2000-Notice for the issuance of Sales/Commercial Invoice and/or Official Receipt shall be posted at a conspicuous place at the taxpayer's place of business.

D. Cancellation of Registration-Section 236 (F) and Section 52(C) of NIRC

The registration of any person who ceases to be liable to tax type shall cancelled upon filing with Revenue District Office where he is registered an application for registration information update in a form prescribed therefore. A corporation contemplating dissolution or re-organization shall within thirty (30) days render a correct return to the Commissioner verified under oath.

E. Updates/change of Information-BIR Form 1905 shall be accomplished and filed with ten (10) days


I. Income Tax Returns-Sec. 74 of NIRC

For Individual

Calendar Year

Period Covered Applicable Month Form to be Used Due Date

1st Quarter January-March 1701Q April 15

2nd Quarter April-June 1701Q August 15

3rd Quarter July-September 1701Q November 15

Annual Return 1701 April 15 of following Year

II. Income Tax Return-Sec. 75 of NIRC

For Corporation/Partnership

Calendar Year

Period Covered Form to be Used Due Date

1st Quarter 1702Q May 30

2nd Quarter 1702Q August 29

3rd Quarter 1702Q November 29

Annual Return 1702 April 15 of following Year

Note: for Fiscal Year-the quarterly returns must be filed and paid within sixty (60) days after the end of the quarter and the annual return within 15th day of the 4th month after the end of accounting period or taxable year.

Regular Corporate Income Tax Rate for domestic Corporation shall be 30% effective January 1, 2009 or the Minimum Corporate Income Tax of 2% of the gross income, whichever is higher. The latter shall be imposed beginning on the 4th taxable year immediately following the year in which such corporation commenced its business operations.

III. Withholding Tax Return-Section 58 & 78 of NIRC, RR 6-2001, RR 12-2001

a. Compensation, Expanded Withholding Taxes, Final Income Taxes (including Dividends)

Under Manual

Filing System Under EFPS

Period Covered Form to be Used Due Date Due Date

January 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F February 10 February 15

February 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F March 10 March 15

March 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F April 10 April 15

April 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F May 10 May 15

May 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F June 10 June 15

June 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F July 10 July 15

July 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F August 10 August 15

August 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F September 10 September 15

September 1601-C/1601-E/1601-F October



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