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Technology in Education

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The tool I used was a technology source called a SMARTboard. This board replaces a conventional blackboard, or dry erase board with a computer and touch sensitive board. This board looks like a white dry erase board, but has options for it to double as a projector. It also allows a user to choose colored digital ink, and move from one computer application or another with the touch of a finger.

I found the SMARTboard a great option, once you are well versed in using it. It was a little tricky at first to get the system running in sync with the computer projections, but the kids were very responsive to it. I found the SMARTboard the most helpful during a math lesson. We were learning about fractions, and I was able to really use the board to its fullest capability. First, I had a lesson which explained groups of items and how they can be divided into group, or fractions. We took magnets of different colors and shapes and moved them into groups. We then used the digital ink to write what fraction they were. At the same time, we took class notes. The class recorded documented what we learned using Microsoft word. This was another image also displayed on the SMARTboard.

It was great for visual and conceptual learners to have each method side by side. We then used the digital images on the SMARTboard and had students come up to the board and rearrange them into different fractional groups. Other students had to guess the fraction they created. Students really got into this because they understood the lesson and liked the interactivity the SMARTboard offers. After this, we surfed the web for kid friendly lessons about fractions. We listened and viewed several pre-approved district files on the SMARTboard. We also were able to have volunteer's workout the problems side by side, as the online tutor spoke. The listening and working through the problem was really nice to see. I found the SMARTboard acted a tool which made a lesson cohesive and comprehensive.

Technology in the classroom is not only important it is critical. In today's world our children need to know the facts, but they also need to know how to operate computers effectively and efficiently. Technology can be one's best friend or a nightmare. It is important that we give children the tools to feel comfortable when using a computer. No matter the field they enter as an adult, they will surely be using a computer in one form or another. A challenge the children face and I face is the constant changing and the complexity of computer applications which are always rising. The advantage of the SMARTboard was that it was a highly complex program that the children could feel confident in using. This system excited and intrigued them. It made them want to work harder and achieve a higher level of academic knowledge. Technology is not something which will be dwindling in the future, this means our children must learn to adapt and be expert users of such mediums.




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