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Teen Leadership Training Camp

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Chataki McDonald

Teen Leadership Training Camp

I would like to participate in the teen leadership training camp because it would be a very good opportunity for me to have fun, learn how to further my leadership abilities and meet new people over the summer. I would also like to participate in the teen leadership training camp because it is a good way to spend my spare time, in a very productive and constructive environment. Participating in the teen leadership training camp will be valuable for my future college applications.

I believe my best leadership skill is my ability to keep a cool head. When I get really angry I can get very upset, but I know how to keep my cool and I also know how to control my temper. One way that I have recently used the skill to control my temper was when I was punched in my stomach by accident while I was in school. My options were to get up and start a fight or to keep a cool head and think about my actions, and the fact that this was an accident. I thought that with option one I would win the fight get some props which are good things. As well as those good things I would also get suspended from school, get the suspension on my permanent record and my mom would really put me on punishment.

So I chose option two. I got up off of the floor went to the bathroom to calm myself down. Went back to the classroom and had a little conversation with the girl and my teacher. I think that by choosing option number two I got away from a lot of trouble during this situation and in the long run. My ability to keep my anger under control will help my community in lessening the fights even if it is just a few of them.



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