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Ten Sets of Mind Setting

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Essay Preview: Ten Sets of Mind Setting

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  1. Define what you’d like to achieve and how badly you want it.
  • For me, this must be the very first step in having a good mindset. One must have a clear picture in mind with what he wants to achieve. Everyone wants to be successful but each of us have different meaning of success, or shall I say, each of us have our own perception of attainment and to what extent in our life that we can say we are already successful.
  1. Determine whether you want it bad enough.
  • Human as we are, we know we have a lot of ambitions in life. However, that doesn’t mean that all of these yearnings are as desirable as they may seem. In mind setting, we must balance every aspirations we have as it affects our decisions on actions that we may take. We must focus on what really matters, and if these aspirations is still in line with what we really want in life. Wanting something isn’t bad, we just have to determine its importance and its contribution to our life and to our vision of our desired success.
  1. Define the reward - what you will get once the goal is achieved.
  • Obviously if we want to achieve something, what excites us more is the incentive behind that achievement. Whether it will make you reach your fullest potential and be recognized for your work, or anything else that you dream of. Will you make yourself and your parents proud? Having this mindset gives you the motivation to do well in your undertakings and having the courage to work diligently for it.
  1. Visualize yourself achieving the goal and enjoying the reward
  • As we always tend to make plans in our life, we cannot deny the fact that we are also imagining the reward or the outcomes we wanted. With this, we find ourselves eager to strive to achieve this desired reward and we are already setting our mind heading to this goal.

  1. Think about the strategy of how you can achieve your goal.
  • No goal can be achieved without having plans on how to accomplish it. In the very beginning, as we think the goal we want to reach in life, it should come with it our idea on how we will attain it.
  1. Write down a to-do list and tick it off one by one.
  • Having strategies on how we can achieve our goals binds with it are steps of these strategies that we can take one by one. As they say, no success comes easy. So we must put in mind that it is essential that we already have this thought and we are ready to take each step at a time. And as it progresses, we can picture out how far we have come from the beginning of setting up our goals to how near we are to it at the present. And it will even motivate you more.
  1. Focus on each step of the plan.
  • As mentioned previously, we must take our actions one by one and we must set our mind straightforwardly to it. Focus on moving from where you are now to the next step only. Make sure you do it right. Eliminate all distractions.
  1. Persevere & Be Consistent.
  • Most of the time we don’t accomplish something because we give up too soon. The minute we feel like things are too hard, we give up because we feel like the goal is not worth fighting for anymore. This is why we already have to think at the very start that if we want to accomplish something big and rewarding, we have to make sure we want it badly enough. Because only those who persevere will make it through. We might fail over and over. The key to this is to not lose hope and faith in ourselves, become resilient, and get back up again doing things more intelligently than last time.
  1. Learn from the expert and the experienced.
  • There are always people who are better than us. There are always those who have been through what we are going through. We can reach out to our families or friends and consider being open to them. Learning from them is the easiest way to find short-cuts and tips instead of trying them ourselves and stumbling around trials and errors.
  1. Give it all you’ve got. Work hard.
  • All of these ten steps would be useless if we will not work hard. We can always make mistakes and have a fresh start all over again but that doesn’t mean we can have all the chances in the world. In all of these steps that we have to set in our mind, we must also consider TIME very importantly. We can always have our excuses, but opportunities won’t.



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