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Setting up an Integrated Hr System for Riordan Manufacturing

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Essay Preview: Setting up an Integrated Hr System for Riordan Manufacturing

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Setting up an integrated HR system for Riordan manufacturing should be a well thought out system. This will be a corporate-wide system that should not have any room for failure because the effect of that on productivity, performance, profitability and even the company's reputation will not be something that management, and shareholders will take kindly. The project will involve bringing together all stakeholders and solicit opinions and contributions from them. The magnitude of the project should not also deter management from implementing it, because the expected result will lead to increased productivity and profitability. It is a system that will lead to increased information sharing between all the departments and will help management make real-time decisions more accurately. The project will lead to increased network activity and will require that Riordan manufacturing's network will have room for that amount of traffic.

Data gathering

Riordan Manufacturing employs 550 people with revenues in excess of $1 billion (Apollo, 2006.). Its corporate headquarters is located in San Jose, California with manufacturing facilities in Albany, Georgia; Pontiac, Michigan; and Hangzhou, China (Apollo, 2006.). Gathering data that needs to be incorporated into the HR system might not come easily. Aside the number of employees whose information needs to be incorporated into the HR system, gathering data from all these offices and sifting the relevant ones will be quite tedious, especially those on paper. A decision will have to be taken on which format will best suit the organization. It should be one which is both efficient and familiar to the staff and will not require much training or need to bring in outside expertise.

Network Assessment

The existing network will have to be assessed to determine its ability to accept the increased traffic efficiently. The type of backbone, connectors, servers, routers, Wireless access points, client computers and architecture in general will be tested for speed and traffic; possible upgrading will also be considered. This will be done by involving the IT department with the possibility of soliciting external advice.

User Opinion

The user is probably the most important player in this arena. To design a system that will not be attractive and friendly for him to use will defeat its purpose. The new system should not present a steep learning curve that will discourage its use. In line with this, a combination of tools will be used to solicit their opinion. This will include questionnaire, observation, interviews, and other unstructured comments. Because of the size of Riordan Manufacturing, questionnaire will play an important role. A good representation of frontline staff and managers or decision makers will be interviewed and also observed during working periods. The exercise



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