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The Ability to Balance

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The ability to balance emotions is just as important as the pulse of the heart. The quality of this trait shape a person success level at the work place, in relationships, and their personal and career goals. When it comes to success and happiness in life, our EQ ability should be a priority.

What is EQ? The inability to identify, balance emotions, and understand others emotional state would only contribute to a stressful life and poor personal and professional relationships. Having an understanding of a high EQ level and the ability to exercise it, separate those who possess the four attributes: self awareness, management, social awareness, and relationship management, from individuals who do not.

After taking the emotional intelligent assessments, I have learned and understand more about myself, than I did prior to. According to the emotional intelligent psychtest , I have been diagnosed with a high understanding of self awareness, self control, healthy coping skills, self motivation, and the ability to act independently. Although, I had a good understanding of who I am, what motivates me, and the drive to act independently, I was not aware of my good coping skills. I recall a couple situations where my emotions were very unstable and I had no vision of resolution. For example, a relationship break up I've experience in the recent year; I had become stressed, lonely, depressed, rude, unable to effectively communicate appropriately with others, and unable and willing to overcome work/personal challenges. My work performance went on a down slope, my health was unstable, and I was anger with everyone within my interpersonal space.

Also, I have learned I have limitation in impulse control. As a maturing Aries, I thought my patience level was improving. The result indicated something different, which wasn't that much of surprise. Instant gratification is something I have been balancing for some time now. Now completely aware that such behavior can affect my work and personal relationships, I plan to become more sensible to people operational timing, rather than comparing to mine.

Next, I've learned my flexibility is limited. I have been in denial for some time now. I am set in my ways and want everything to be my way or the highway. This behavior has destroyed several relationships of mine. Employee's and wanting to work alone side of me, managers not wanting to team with me, and persons I've loved distancing themselves from me. I have to admit, although I do enjoy my space from others, it hurt not be wanted in certain situations. With this healthy knowledge I vow to become more compromising and flexible in my work and personal life. This should be the beginning to better relationships for myself.



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