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A Question of Balance-Brumby

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Essay Preview: A Question of Balance-Brumby

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A Question of Balance-Brumby

The Brumby is a horse which originated from Europe and then other places like South Africa and Indonesia. Although they originated from other countries around the world, Australia ha the largest numbers of them currently. They are mostly located in the Northern Territory and then followed by Queensland.

Common name: The common name is a Brumby.

Taxonomic (Scientific) Name: The Brumby is called an Equus Caballu in scientific terms.

Year introduced to Australia: The Brumby was introduced to Australia in 1788

Original Reason Specie Was Introduced: The Brumby had arrived in Australia by First Fleet settlers in from Ireland and Britain in 1788. The main cause for Brumby being imported in Australia was for utility and farm work although they were also used for recreational riding and racing. By the early 19th century there were a limited number of Brumbies imported (200 estimated).By 1850, horse racing became more popular and therefore the numbers of Brumby's were increased to around 160,000.

Problems Specie is Causing: The brumby has quite a lot reasons for being called pests. It was not until 1860 when Brumby's were first believed to be pests or feral. The main reasons they were tagged as pests was because they damaged and soil, soil loss, erosion and compaction. Another number o reasons were trampling vegetation, tree deaths, damage to waterholes, and injurious effects on population of native species. In some cases, when a brumby is shocked they may damage infrastructures which include pipes, fences and troughs.

Solutions: To cut down on the massive numbers of Brumbies, expert riders rope them together and take them a remote location. Other methods of reducing the numbers include shooting them, trapping and fertility. However, due to poor management of brumbies in some parts of Australia, they still pose an ecological and environment threats.

Effectiveness: I think had the solutions been managed more effectively, the numbers would have gradually decreased. I think, however, because of the fact that they were brought purposely it would be very inhumane to simply kill them all. I think they should be, put under control as to not further populate regions to an extensive extent.

Ms Clatworthy



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