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The Aero Motors Company Case Study

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Essay Preview: The Aero Motors Company Case Study

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Week 3: You Decide

Aero Branding Strategy

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A brief to the CEO and Board of GenMax, one in which I have weighed the pros and cons of the go-it-alone strategy and the partnering strategy.

The Aero Motors Company has had a strong market presence in the European and Asian market. As it launches its operations to gain entry into the United States market, a lot of market entry strategies have to be considered. This will equip the corporation with the needed information and techniques that will sustain the functions of placing the product-car in the US market. The strategies that will be employed for this commodity will promote the brand of the company. This will lead to the attaining of effective new client base and the growth of the business in the new market. All the marketing techniques, product placement, and the product pricing strategies that will be engaged will be aimed at establishing and maintaining an organizational competitive edge. This will thrust the company into the target market raising awareness for the new car brand (Gregory, 2010).

The lack of effective infrastructure in the US Market will require the company to take into consideration the market strategies that will address this need. The organization will focus on the development projects that will ensure that the target market region is well captured. The need of a dedicated trained support system that will service the new technologies will be provided in all the regions for the clients to have an avenue where they will address all the problems they encounter with cars. This is to ensure that the repairs and the servicing of the cars will be well handled (Recognizable Branding, 2011).

Company Strategies in Car Branding:

As the organization launches the product in the United States, it is the aim of the company to have a great image for the product in the targeted niche market. The car needs to have a symbol of identification that will ensure that the prospective clients notice its presence. This will be attained by the creating an identity for the car-the branding strategy that will make the car stand out from the rest of the cars in the market industry. For this line of cars the memorable and profound image that will represent it will be 'an exquisite car for that unique individual'. The reward that will be achieved from this brand of the car is the great positioning of the car in the market, motivating the customers to that point of purchase. The risk associated with this strategy is the fact that the brand will be related to other cars in the market holding the idea of being unique. The use of the existing company brands will help the organization to distinguish the new car from the rest in existence in the market. The brand image of the car in the market will be controlled through the constant effort of reviewing the slogan, brand color and product features. The car will hence establish and maintain the competitive advantage of the company over the rest (Gregory, 2010).

Company Strategy in marketing:

Despite the fact that the car did not get the first-in advantage, the marketing strategy that will be employed will propel its image in the new market. The marketing of the car is simply the act of getting word out to the general target market to increase the awareness of the brand. It is this awareness that will translate into an increased level of clients leading to market domination. The company will use the following marketing techniques; unique advertisement campaigns and diverse promotional strategies such as free servicing for one month. This will ensure that the company touches base with the people from the elite. Through this, the sales of the car will rise and the company will have great customer contact with the clients. The profit levels of the company will increase boosting the operations of Aero Motors. The existence of Aero Motors in the United States market will ensure that the market entry of the car is successful. The risk that will arise from the strategies is lack of coordination, which might lead to a failure of the market entry objective (Recognizable Branding, 2011).

Strategy to Ensure That the Company Becomes a Life Style Organization:

The desire of the organization is to control all the operations of the car from the market entry period to its development in the targeted niche market. The company will introduce



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