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The Body Shop

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The Body Shop, Marketing Mix & the 4 P's

The Marketing Mix & The 4 P's

The Marketing Mix is the company's "offer" to its target group. The Marketing Mix consists of the so-called 4 P's when we talk about physical products like the Body Shops products and the 7 Ps when we talk about non-tangible products - services.

It is important for a company to mix the 4/7 Ps in a way that will satisfy its target group.


They company "body shop" sells organically grown body products, for the consumer who likes to take care of him or herself. We are talking about so-called convenience goods with a short durability at relatively low prices.


The Body Shops prices are low/ medium. Based on where you by them ore what you buy. So the products are comparatively cheap which means that many can afford them. It is important that the company knows its target group and knows what the target group is willing to pay for the products. Of course, prices should always be com-petitive. Therefore it is vital for the company to have information about competitor's prices.

Place/ distribution

The company is B2C related which means that its target group is consumers on the B2C market. They use a mixture between intensive and selective distribution. All the shops are run on a franchising basis.


The company is against promotion, so they don't do business by promoting, but they have their own internet site, where you can see their selection of products.

Anita Roddick doesn't advertise but she has been good at giving herself a free plug, by showing that their products are organically grown and that they are against animal testing. So the company supports animal and human rights, and the economically cli-mate.



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