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The Body Shop Customer Service

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Customer Service

Retailers always try to differentiate themselves in many ways because most of them selling similar merchandises. They may offer cheaper goods, better quality of goods, private brands, and convenient location compared to their competitors. However, competitors can always adjust their price to lower, finding more strategic location and develops their own brands too.

The only way and the most powerful way of retailers to differentiate themselves is to offer excellent customer services to have customer retention and build customer loyalty so that can serve them in a long term way. (Relationship Marketing)

* Services offered by The Body Shop retailer

The Body Shop service personnel at Suria KLCC are well trained. They equipped with sufficient products knowledge and selling skills to deals with walk in customers to their stores.

When customers walk in their store, they will greet "welcome" to customers. This action can give customer feeling of warm and important and thus create customer satisfaction. When customer is well served and satisfied, they will come visits the store again.

They are tester for most of the The Body Shop products such as lotion, toner, day/ night/ eyes cream, moisture milk and fragrance. There are strip placed at the racks for customer to test the smell of fragrance. Most of the products are with transparent container so that customer able to sense the colors and the form of the products. These services enable customer to see, smell and touch the products before purchase it.

In addition, The Body Shop retailer KLCC outlet provides colorful brochure to inform and provide guidelines to customer about the current products that are available in store, details product description, the steps to consume products and regime steps or procedures to use a certain product range. This considered as a type of customer service that educate and aid customer in understanding in store product.

* Personal assistance in selecting merchandise

When the customer looking for a gift to a person, The Body Shop personnel will gives advices and suggestion to assist customer for the selection of the gift. Related questions will be asked to clarify clearer what customer want such as gift for who, at what occasion, what is the receiver skin type, age and gender.

In addition, from our team observation, we noticed that the services personnel are intelligent. When a customer looking at a product, they will explain the product features for them. If the customer asking what fragrance that the body lotion is, the service personnel will take a sample and suggest customer to have a try on their lotion.

* Personalized Services

When a certain product is short of stock, and the customer wants it, they will try to get it for the customer



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