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The Botany of Desire

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The Botany of Desire

Michael Pollan says that a potato represents our desire for control because we are able to feed ourselves with greater amount to feed the whole family. Peruvian survived mainly with potatoes. With over five thousand varieties of Peruvian potatoes, we are able to fulfill these desires with many different tastes. They come in variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Because potatoes are grown in different areas, and temperature, we are able to find much diversity. We are able to choose from presence diversity of Peruvian potatoes. They are able to gain control over their faith that contributes to disease resistance. Some aspects of local Peruvian environment are selected for wide diversity which includes, sunny days, keep in different altitudes and face away or towards the sun. If one or some aspect are unsuccessful, another adaptation is selected. Before potatoes are desired in Europe and Northern Europe, they grew grain plants and survived with grains. Because potatoes grew rapidly in population, many Europeans then desire to substitute with grain plants. Potatoes then gained popularity in Ireland. Two foods that complete the diet in Ireland were potatoes and cow milk. Unlike the Peruvians, Irish only grew one kind of potatoes called Lumber. The fungus spread on potato crops throughout Ireland by wind and created mush like that lasted for three years.

After Ireland, potatoes hit the United States and increased the popularity of McDonald's. They are most dependent on Russet Burbank. McDonald's were forcing farmers not to make the same mistake as Irish and to use only one kind of potatoes. McDonald's could prevent from bugs and chemicals that could contaminate. Pollan stated "A monoculture on the plate leads to a monoculture on the land". He talks about the desire for perfect fries that carries consequences all the way to farms. A genetically engineered potato called the new leaf potato was created by Monsanto Corporation. They inserted genes from a different biological species into that potato so when the Colorado potato beetles eats the leaf, they intake the gene killing the beetles. Because of the new leaf potato, people need to be aware of what they are eating and they produce pesticides and the suspension of disbelief. People were opposed to what they were consuming into their bodies. Bugs which infect cotton plants responded to the genetically modified BT cotton plants by bull worm eat plants, they evolve Bt resistance. There is also another way to deal with minimizing pest infections of plants by using organic product. Organic farmers can also make a good profit regardless of their high labor costs. They don't spend on pesticide products. Pollan says "we are casting evolutionary votes for plants" means that we are able to choose what we eat, choose what drugs to take or choose which flowers looks good in our balcony.




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