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The Desire of Lust

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The Desire of Lust

Lust can be traced back to the beginning of time, to the era of Adam and Eve.

One of the original sins being lust is in human nature. Lust is thought to only be a sexual

desire, but there are many forms of lust. Lust starts out as a want that transforms into an

obsession, and then results into lust. Aristotle's opinion was the "excessive love of others,

which therefore rendered love and devotion to God." Every person has a different

definition of lust. To me lust is the desire for one's wants and needs. Lust is in everyday

life most, of us go about our daily lives not realizing that we are being lustful. There is no

way for us to avoid be lustful. It is a part of human nature some religions see it as a bad

thing. Lust can be seen as a bad thing if used in a negative way, but it can prove to be a

positive factor in a person's life. The word lust is tossed around very loosely no one

really knows if lust is good or bad. It's up to the person to define, and to make a

judgment to use it as a negative, or positive factor in their lives. Lust is a part of life we

all do it. It is known as one of the seven deadly sins, every human is in some way lustful

whether if it's for sexual desire, or money.

Lust in is known as one of the seven deadly sins. In the deadly sin's lust is seen as

an origin of other sins making it an original sin. "In "Dante's Inferno", the protagonist

walks within flames to purge himself of lustful/sexual thoughts and feelings. Unforgiving

souls of the sin of lust are blown about in restless hurricane-like winds symbolic of their

own lack of self control to their lustful passions in earthly life." Lust is widely known in

many religions mainly, in the Catholic and Christian religions. To some lust is a sin, and

to be lustful can be either minor or an unforgiveable sin depending on the situation. It is

also a capital sin that leads into other sins or vices. Lust is a sin we commit every day. By

chasing after our need and wants. Mankind has always been unambitious, self-indulging,

shiftless, and immoral. But since the dawn of man, we have struggled to find a systematic

way for our spiritual shortcomings. So the seven deadly sins were created. Lust being

one of these sins. The lust for sex is known in many religions to be one of the greatest

enemies' to mankind, and is the so-called gateway to hell.

Lust can be and intense sexual carving. Anyone can see the differences between

lust and love. But when it comes to human nature, many people confuse the two.

Especially our younger generation, when it comes to searching for love, they tend to find

sex. They search in many places, bars, church, and anywhere they can find someone they

are attracted to. Eventually they all realize that they have only found sex and not love.

People begin to realize that sex doesn't mean love, and all that they have found is lust.

Once this realization is made, it is not always easy to stop, and because of this many lose

the importance of what they were looking for. The lust for sex is seen as a bad thing.

Lust is known for



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