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The Catecholase-Catalyzed Reaction

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Essay Preview: The Catecholase-Catalyzed Reaction

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Catecholase-Catalyzed Reaction

Submitted by:

Katrina R. Mitchell


Dr. Diomede Buzingo

Biology Lab

30, September 2012

The Catecholase-Catalyzed Reaction


To study how various factors affect a particular enzyme,you will need to be able to measure either the appearance of substrate or the appearance of product. We can use color to visualize product formation, you,ll need a means of measuring how much color change happens during the reaction.


4 test tubes potato extract

distilled water parafilm

pipet catechol



We cleaned the test tubes and then begun to add the reaction mixtures in one by one. We begun with distilled water adding 5 mL to test tube B, and then 3 mL to the first test tube, 3.5 mL to the second, and 4 mL to the third. Next, we added 2 mL of catechol to test tubes one, two, and three. Then, added 1 mL of potato extract to test tubes B and one, 0.5 mL to test tube two, and 0 mL to test tube three. Put parafilm over the top to shake up the reaction mixtures.


Will the spectrophotometer extract the catecholase (potato extract)?

Is the color intensity going to get lower when their is less catecholase?


My observation is that the spectrophotometer will extract the light of the catecholase. The less potato extract their is the less the light will be. Test tube B is used for zeroing the spectrophotometer when you put in each test tube.


My hypothesis was right and the results the test tubes were:

Test tube one result was:

.65 of absorbance/color intensity

Test tube two result was:

.33 of absorbance/color intensity

Test tube three result was:

0 of absorbance/color intensity



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