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The Coca-Cola Case

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"The Coca-Cola Case"


The Coca-Cola Case

This paper is about the "Coca-Cola Case". The documentary follows labor rights lawyers Daniel Kovalik and Terry Collingsworth as they file a lawsuit against Coca-Cola, trying to get them to take responsibility for what is happening with the union members in Colombia. The union members in Colombia are being tortured, kidnapped and killed, by the paramilitaries. It seems that these paramilitaries were hired by the Coca-Cola bottling plant owners. The reason behind these acts of violence is so that the owners of the bottling plant can have total control over the workers and there would be no one left to stand up for the human rights of the employees. Working with Kovalik and Collingsworth is human rights activist, Ray Rogers. He is at every Coca-Cola event trying to make people aware of what is happening at Coca-Cola bottling plants abroad and to let people now that Coca-Cola isn't doing anything about it.

I think Coca-Cola does not care how their employees are being treated, they only think of how much profit they are going to make and not how the money was made. They do not care that it took the lives of hard working people who were only fighting for their rights. They say on their website that they want their employees to take pride in their job, to basically have fun at what they are doing. But how can this be possible if Coca-Cola doesn't even respect their basic human rights at work. And when union members defend themselves, stand up for themselves they are being killed. We as the consumers see their nice and creative ads, smiling people on posters, drinking Coca-Cola all the time, but we don't have a clue what the makers and the employees of Coca-Cola are going through every day. In Colombia they have to buy their own uniforms, take responsibility of their trucks when they go on the road, meaning that if something happens to the truck the money will come from their own pockets and seeing that they only earn 1 dollar an hour it will be very difficult for them to afford any damage being made to the trucks. They are not insured and believe it or not they have to rent the trucks from Coca-Cola to do their jobs.

The people who have biggest interest in Coca-Cola would be the shareholders, the CEO, the workforce, union members and consumers. The shareholders want Coca-Cola to do the right thing and they want Coca-Cola to be more responsible for what happens on their bottling plants all around the world. They do not support Coca-Cola in how they are treating their employees and how they are taking care of their problems that have been going on at the Colombian bottling plant. The CEO of Coca-Cola has no interest in the well-being of the employees of Coca-Cola and his only interest is in keeping the image of Coca-Cola as one of the most



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