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The Coffee Bean Case

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Case 9

1. How would you gauge Peter's achievement orientation? What are some of the needs not being met for Peter Gibbons at Initech? What changes might improve Peter's motivation?

Based on his responses when questioned by the efficiency experts, Peter seems to have weak achievement orientation. He has very little motivation to work hard and achieve goals at work. According to the textbook, "Individuals with a strong need to achieve feel satisfied when they successfully solve work problems or accomplish job tasks" (Hughes 344). No matter the strength of his achievement orientation, Peter is working in an environment that provides little motivation to workers to accomplish tasks and do them well. Peter is not receiving appropriate feedback from his bosses. He is only approached when he is not accomplishing the bare minimum that is expected of him. He has no motivation to go above and beyond the minimum expectations set by his employer. One thing that might improve Peter's motivation would be positive reinforcement. Whenever he performs well or overachieves he should be recognized for his work by employers. "Responding positively to employees can have constructive implications for employee morale and their subsequent motivation. More importantly, communicating and behaving in a more positive manner actually may improve performance" (Managing Performance 7).

2. Would you judge the leaders at Initech as more likely to invoke the Pygmalion or the Golem effect?

The leaders at Initech seem to be more likely to invoke the Golem effect, which "occurs when leaders who have little faith in their followers' ability to accomplish a goal are rarely disappointed" (Hughes 328). Peter discusses how he has eight bosses and only hears from them when he makes a mistake; he never mentions receiving any type of reward or positive reinforcement from them. This leads me to believe that the leaders at Initech don't set high goals for their employees and don't monitor their productivity and success closely.

3. What about the environment at The Coffee Bean- Pygmalion or Golem effect?

The environment at The Coffee Bean appears to invoke the Pygmalion effect. By pursuing the FISH philosophy, The Coffee Bean promotes an important principle through their management training program - "Be There." This principle explains "Being there is a great way to practice wholeheartedness and fight burnout" (Hughes 379). This practice encourages interaction between managers and associates. With increased interaction with employees, employers have more opportunities to set and explain goals, monitor performance, and provide feedback. This makes for the perfect environment for the Golem Effect to occur.

4. Why has The



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