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The Color Purple - Movie Review

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Essay Preview: The Color Purple - Movie Review

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The Color Purple is seen as a dramatic racist film which shows the negative stereotypes of black people especially black males. It emphasizes the cruelty black women have experienced throughout history in America. The message of this movie is that black women suffer from discrimination by both the white community and black males. For instance, black women in that time period were often treated as slaves or as property, even by their own spouse.

The Color Purple is based on the novel published in 1983 by Alice Walker. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie shows that 1930s in America was a difficult place for black people to live because of the prejudices among the white people. Due to the mistreatment of the black generation at that time, the characters believe that their children are destined to grow up in a racist society with no hope for improvement.

The story is told in the form of writing in diaries and letters. Celie is a poor, uneducated, young black woman who was raped repeatedly at the age of fourteen by her stepfather, Alphonso, and has two children by him--children he gives away without her consent. As time passes on, Celie is forced into a marriage, leaving her sister Nettie alone with Alphonso. Nettie escapes his sexual behaviors by moving in with Celie and her husband. After Celie's husband tries to seduce her and fails, he forces Nettie to leave, separating Celie from her sister and does not allow them to keep in touch. Albert mistreats and abuses Celie the same way her stepfather did.

I believe this film is shown to inspire and motivate black women to stand up for their rights. Celie, the main character, change an inner shift, struggling for freedom from a slavish, abused wife to a confident and independent black woman and businesswoman. I like the fact that this movie tells the truth about incidents that use to occur behind closed doors. I especially like how Celie accomplishes freedom in a society where women are looked upon as inferior. Now that these incidents are told from a black women experience and made public, society as a whole can finally feel what Celie went through, hence, the message Walker portrays is to reduce incest behavior and help improve marriages by equally understanding and voice one another.

Unlike The Color Purple, Juno was the complete opposite in terms of decision making. Juno is a comedy film based on a teenage girl who decides to experience sex with her best friend. This experiment eventually led to a pregnancy where she decides to have an abortion. After a trip to an uninvited abortion clinic, she decides to have the child. She believes she's too young to raise it herself so her girlfriend suggests looking at the ads for adoptive parents then informs her parents about the pregnancy.

In this movie, Juno experienced love and support by her family where as Celie in The Color Purple never had this experience. Juno had



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