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Roadside Romeo - a Walt Disney Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Roadside Romeo - a Walt Disney Movie Review

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The movie Roadside Romeo falls within the Studio Entertainment segment of The Walt Disney Company. After researching this topic I found a lot of useful information that is pertinent to the Walt Disney Company. Disney is using technology to show all the great things they are capable of. This movie is a great example of how Disney is spreading technology all over the globe. Roadside Romeo was produced in India by Aditya Chopra.

The film is about a rich dog who had everything. Romeo is played by Saif Ali Khan. Romeo had all the girls, cars and he lived in a beautiful mansion. Until one day the family that he lived with moved and abandoned him on the streets of Mumbai. He faces many situations that he has never been in before. But then he finds love. He meets Leila, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen before. Leila is played by Kareena Kapoor. He also runs into many other strays. One of which is Don of the area who everyone is scared of. He went from mansions to streets, from five meals to five pieces of trash, from comfortable beds to piles of garbage, from champagne to tap water. In the film you watch Romeo turn into roadside Romeo.

The film Roadside Romeo was India's first 3-D movie. Disney is jumping in and showcasing extreme innovation throughout different parts of the globe. They are creating many first's for different production companies. It was produced by Yash Raj Films and Walt Disney Pictures. Walt Disney is beginning to expand globally by making the movie industry in different parts of the world grow. This film shows the power of Indian animation which did not get exploited correctly in the past. This movie stayed true to the Bollywood movie style of production. It contains excellent animation and great songs. Bollywood combined the technology and creativity to produce some complex animations. This was a huge project for Bollywood because they were going up against Pixar. You cannot dare to compare the Bollywood animation to the complex animations by Pixar. Nevertheless the movie animations was creative and it was a giant leap for Indian productions. The director of the movie Jugal Hansraj showcased wonderful direction and creativity. Overall this movie combines Disney's top three priorities.

Time Warner is a leading media and entertainment company. They have similar segments to the Walt Disney Company. They also have some of the most respected and successful media brands. Time Warner also classifies there operations into three segments. They are very similar to the segments found in the Walt Disney Company. They separate into Networks, Filmed Entertainment and Publishing. Disney already has Pixar and Sony Pictures backing them up in these areas. Therefore The Disney Company can prioritize their segments. Disney breaks down their segments into creativity, Global expansion and Technology. Placing Disney higher up on the fortune 500 list.



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