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The Control of Media in the Modern Age

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Essay Preview: The Control of Media in the Modern Age

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English 102

Dr. Chaudhery

7 February 2012

The Control of Media in the Modern Age

Think of an average day. How does one acquire all the knowledge and news about oneself and one's surroundings? Through various media sources such as radio, television, news papers, tabloids, and magazines. Whist one tries to make sense and judges his or her own actions based on this news, when does one stop and ask, why? Why do we let popular media heavily influence and occasionally dictate our lives?

Human beings have always strived to be accepted within their own groups or being part of the "In" crowd. The human mind is very demanding and without the constant praise and acceptance of others, we tend to become miserable and depressed. Psychologist Carl Rodgers says: "The organism has one basic tendency and striving - to actualize, maintain, and enhance the experiencing organism" (Rogers, 1951, p. 487). It's programmed into human DNA, to try and be the best and achieve the highest level of whatever is important to us at the time, that we can.

What is the goal of media corporations? To make money. The corporations dictate the latest trends, the best gadgets, and the famous people we all strive to be like. And like the mindless peons we are, we rush to achieve success with the various tasks to add to our social resume. And God forbid being left behind. From the moment we are born to the last breaths of air we take in, media affects our lives. Susan Bordo, Is a professor of English and Women's Studies at the University of Kentucky. She writes an article in the Chronicle Review illuminating the power of poplar media and the drastic affect it can have on its audience. Her essay goes on to explain the effects of modern media on women from pre teens to women in their late sixties. "Most progressive developments in the media, of course, are driven by market considerations rather than social conscience. So, for example, the fact that 49 million women are size 12 or more is clearly the motive behind new, flesh-normalizing campaigns created by "Just My Size" and Lane Bryant. These ads proclaim on our behalf. "But I won't be made visible as a cultural oddity or a joke, either, because I'm not. I'm the norm." (Bordo, 2003, p.363-363).

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