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The Death of Gatsby - the Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: The Death of Gatsby - the Great Gatsby

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In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald writes about a wealthy man named Jay Gatsby. He throws glamorous parties, which he threw to impress his old love Daisy. He has lots of people around him who he thinks are his friends, but Nick Carraway. In The Great Gatsby, there are scenes dealing with weddings, parties, and even funerals all have a connection to Gatsby. Money, love, and desperation all can lead to failure.

In the beginning there were speculations about how Gatsby obtained his fortune. It was said that he inherited his money from Dan Cody. In all actuality he forged bonds, bought out drug stores, and sold alcohol illegally. But no matter where the money came from, people came from far and near to experience Gatsby's parties. People clung to Gatsby. When Gatsby threw these parties, he never wanted to impress the people of the town, but his one true love. But through all his scheming and planning the one person he meant to impress, he never did. Gatsby thought that his money would grab Daisy's attention. Daisy did not just want financial security, she wanted more.

Wanting a relationship with Daisy while she was married to Tom had to be the worst mistake Gatsby could have made. Even though he loved Daisy and did everything he humanly possibly could she just didn't feel the same about him as she had years before. When they first met Gatsby was poor and leaving for war to leave the love of his life for a lifetime, but he truly believed that the wants of your heart will somehow just come true which didn't happen. Daisy and Gatsby relationship was never really going to turn out like he wanted it to be.

Gatsby was so desperate to have Daisy as the love of his life once again that he was too blind to see the oblivious signs right in his face. Him wanting her showed just how desperation for what you want when it isn't meant to be can lead to dangerous situations. In this case Gatsby by being killed because of mistake Daisy made on the murder of Mrs. Watson. No matter what Daisy did wrong he would never let her fall for any situation she created good or bad

Money makes people show their true colors. The people Gatsby surrounded honest people around him his true friends. It is said that money is the root to all evil. In this tragic story money, love, and desperation led to the death of people based on carelessness of 2 people. Gatsby was killed because of the actions of the one he loved. Only in the end to find out she didn't feel the same about him.



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