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The Differences in Culture and Values Between China, Japan and Korea

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Essay Preview: The Differences in Culture and Values Between China, Japan and Korea

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There are many differences and similarities between Chinese, Japanese and Korean values and culture. Some of the main factors that contribute to values and culture are religious beliefs, language spoken, and traditional customs. These three countries have there own religious beliefs, language and traditional customs. Traditionally all three put their families and values before any other entity or vice. They all have a different mind set in terms of how family and values is important to the culture in comparison to western civilization and customs. This brings up some concern because today we live in a global economy. This means that there can be some culture shock between different countries when doing business, in particular these three countries. But individually they all accomplish these traditions and values in different forms. This is what makes these countries so unique because in many ways they are so much alike, but yet in many ways they are so different.

Korea has had a long and complex history that involved many invasions and wars. Many of these invasions were done by China and Japan where some of the complexity of Korean history stems from. In particular, Japan colonized Korea after World War 2. During this time the Cold War was going on over the expansion of communism. This left a big mark on the country that is seen up to today in which the country is still split in two; which includes North Korea and South Korea. As a result from all these events, it made a big impact in Korean Culture and tradition. Korean culture was put to stop when Japan took over which left a lot of sentiment towards the Japanese people. Korea is known as a survivor because even though it's been through a tough history; they pulled through made it to the country it is today. Koreans have been attacked and invaded by both China and Japan. But even through all this hardship, the Koreans still kept there culture and it almost forced them to appreciate there own culture that much more. Today Korea is doing a lot better from an economic standpoint. They have some of the most sought out brand names in electronics and automobiles. Korea is a big part of the economic position in South East Asia. They have eased the trade barriers between China and Japan despite the complex and harsh history Korea has gone through. This will help Korea keep its importance in the global economy today and in the near future.

Japan had long history that involved many wars and invasions. Their geographic location in comparison to China and Korea was key to many obstacles and accomplishments that Japan had faced. The Japanese are known for there strong family and culture based values. Throughout their History it seems that Japan was willing to go the extra mile to achieve what they wanted. There were many wars and invasions between China and Korea. Specifically Japan colonized Korea and invaded some parts of China. This led to much influence of Japan in both those



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