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Cultural Values-Sociology

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Values: They are cultural ideas about what is considered moral and immoral, good and bad, or proper and improper.

Example: A big festival/holiday in our culture is Diwali. This festival is also known as the festival of lights where everyone get together and we light our house with candles and divas. Moreover in this auspicious period of time all the family members gather and celebrate the holiday. During this time all the values of our culture is brought in together. My family dresses in what we consider proper and perform acts that are moral, such as helping the poor in means of food and clothing and we give them candles and divas so that they can light their home and the GOD Laxmi could come their house and fill it with happiness.

Mores: Mores are norms that members of a society or culture consider vitally important, necessary and inviolable.

Example: During the same festival/holiday there is one ritual which is conducted in the morning and all the women participate. They are required to wear white sarees (a dress that wraps the entire body). They are all supposed to give a prayer before eating anything. All the women above the age of 18 perform this ritual like the end of the world.. People get their house painted again and it looks so beautiful it just looks like the whole country is turning into new.

Folkways: They are informal norms regulating customary ways of behaving.

Example: A very popular folkway during this holiday is buying new clothes. Almost everyone, from different part of the society, try and buy something new to cherish the holiday. Moreover they give gifts to each other and meet each other. Gifts which are common are such as dry fruits and fruits etc. the list is endless. People moreover eat special kind of dishes such as people give each other golf-ball-sized tasty treats containing nuts, dates, coconut, and other ingredients. It is believed that goddess Parvati played dice with her husband, Lord Shiva on this day and she decreed that whosoever gambled on Diwali night would prosper throughout the ensuring year. This tradition of playing cards- flash and rummy with stakes on this particular day continues even today.

Sanction: Norms are maintained through sanctions. Penalties for violating and rewards for adhering to the norms.

Example: There are a lot of things going on during this holiday, since it takes place in about 4-5 days. If a norm whether, folkway or mores, is broken, there are subsequent consequences, like not going to the carnival. It is a five day festival in India. Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali. On this day people buy jewellery, silver and gold coins. On the second day, Roop Chaudas people bath with uptan. On the third and the main Diwali day idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi are worshiped



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