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The Effects of Alcohol on Brain

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Alcohol is a product that has provided a variety of functions for people throughout history. Assuredly, alcohol can be used for many different purposes, whether it's good or bad. The consumption of alcohol is a daily ritual for many different cultures, the moderate one beer a day for men or a couple glasses of wine for women isn't breaking the societal norm. However, exceeding the considered amount can lead to devastating conclusions.

One third of Americans will experience some form of alcohol use problem during their lifetime (Natural News). Generally speaking, too much of anything can have its effects on your body. The health risks associated with alcohol abuse are a never ending list of symptoms that can potentially kill you. Consequently, people seem to learn the effects of alcohol from personal experience or their surrounding culture and not credible resources. Michael De Bellis, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, conducted a research stating that adults with alcoholism generally have smaller brain sizes. The study shows that adolescents and young adults who drink heavily can ultimately decrease the size of their prefrontal cortex; which is the area of our brains that controls and recognizes the level to which we experience an emotion and how to react to it (Teen Drug Abuse).

Unquestionably, the brain is the most important tool we use as human beings. The daily tasks we accomplish every day from walking, seeing, hearing, and eating is because of our fully functional minds. Without a brain, not only would you not survive, the human race would have never existed. With such proven research, it's alarming to see individuals remaining to endure such devastating harm to the most important organ they have.



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